The deadline you specify on the Order form is the time the Author completes the assignment. If the deadline changes when the Order is already in progress, you must notify the Author immediately to make appropriate corrections.

After completing several sections on the Order form and clicking the “Place Order” button, you will be directed to a page containing detailed information on your work. Here you can add instructions, show the required style, give a well-detailed description and attach all the required files.

Once the author receives the payment, you can receive your essay as a PDF file or MS Word document. You can directly download it and save it to the device that you want from your account on our web site.

In case of anything you are not satisfied with, be sure to notify your Author immediately, sooner before it is ready. Once the order has been completed and payment has been made, it is no longer possible to request any modifications. You have the option to place the order again and choose to rewrite or edit the work.

There are two ways to pay. You can upload money to your account and manage the Author’s payment through it, or you can pay directly using SafeCharge. Both methods are secure.

While rare, the Order may not receive any offers. If this occurs to you, there are several things for you to do. First, review the details of your Order closely and ensure the supporting documents are available and nothing is unclear. You also have the option of selecting an option called ‘Order Automatic Writer’. On this option, our system will go to all available Authors that match your subject area of interest and allocate the best author to cater to your Order automatically.

To reset the password at any time, click on the ‘Forgot my password’ option found under the ‘login’ option.

Several factors affect the price. The main factors are; order difficulty, work time, deadline and author experience. You can check the estimated price just by placing an order, it’s free and will give you a good idea of what the price will be.

All communication is done directly between the author and the client. If you need specific or complex requirements, you can always talk to the author using the messaging system we have configured. Which can be accessed at any time from your account.

Instead of offering discounts, we work hard to keep our prices up to your expectations. That is, you can distinguish a complete set of prices based on the experience, the ability of the Author and his or her opinion. For each order, you have a clear choice and a wide range of price points, to make the best decision. This way, you’ll know that you always get a good deal with a lower price instead of a one-off discount.

We value your privacy and privacy above all else. Our repute depends and we take it very earnestly. With us, all your info is safe and will never be disclosed to a third party.

Our authors know that our company doesn’t accommodate any sort of plagiarism, and they know 100 percent unique content is expected from them. Additionally, you are advised to check out the plagiarism right here on the Web site: it is free, no matter how often you make use of it. We recommend that you use this service regularly.

Make sure all the requirements and supporting resources are delivered in a timely way so that your author does not have difficulty completing your assignment in time. If the author is having difficulty and is unable to complete the manuscript within the time limit, we will contact you in advance and request an extension if possible

SafeCharge is what we use as the primary platform for our payment processes. As such, you can be 100% assured that your payments are safe and secure. You aren’t at any risk with our Company and we will do all that it will take to even exceed the expectations.