How It Works

How You Make Your Essay Order

If you have taken a research journey on online writing services, then you have noticed the difference in the mechanism used by each site. It is no wonder you are here in this section to evaluate the efficiency of how our services work. There is no denying that our mechanism is all you need. The reason is that the procedure for seeking our services is not lengthy or anything complex. For a smart student like you, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to engage in the process because it only involves four steps. Each step is as discussed below:

Fill the requirement form

Once you are sure that you want us to write your essay, the first thing you do is fill a requirement form like the one shown below. Yes, the form comprises a section of personal details which you will be required to fill like your name, address, and contact information. However, the main purpose of this form is for you to explain the details of your essay. For example, if it is a thesis paper, you give the instructions of the essay, the rubric, the type of quality level you expect along with your preferred title if you have any. It is also here that you specify how long you want your essay and anything crucial to assist us in deliver nothing short of an excellent essay. You also state the urgency of the paper in this section. Here, all you need is to give the information, whether in hours or days of when you need your paper. Back to the issue of your personal details, this information is required in this section for communication purposes. For instance, if your instructions are not clear, and we need any clarification, the details you give ensure that we get back to you on time.

Verify and submit the order

The second and next step comprises the verification of the order you have made. It is perhaps the most integral section out of all the four steps. Wondering why? Well, no human is perfect. We are all created with shortcomings, and a common drawback amongst all of us are making mistakes. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes are unconsciously conducted. In recognition of this, our second step becomes the verification of the order. Here, the clients go through the form they had filled, ensuring that all the information they gave out is proper and valid. It is also during the verification that one makes the final decision that they want to get online essay writing services from our experts. It is important to take some good amount of time in this section because it is what gives the team the go-ahead of proceeding with your requested paper through the information on the requirement form

Make the service payment

The third step involves payment for the services that we have rendered to you. Different platforms operate differently. While our site will not offer you a complete paper before you make the full payment, we will give you a preview of what has been given as an assurance that your paper has indeed become completed. After reviewing the preview and being confident that your paper has been done, the next step is to make payment based on the agreed channel. Our team does not ask for money from you before we avail you with a preview. Also, we do not ask for a payment, knowing that the paper is not completed. Thus, you can bank that the preview of the essay you receive is a legit preview of the actual completed task.

Receive your essay

The last and the most fulfilling step for our clients is the receiving of the essay step. As the name suggests, this part involves our team sending you the complete paper once we have verified that you have made the payment. As soon as you receive your paper, it is advised that you carefully go through the entire paper immediately. The reason for this is to allow clients to request any amends as fast as possible to avoid inconveniencing you in any way. Thus, always go through the paper after receiving it and get back to us in case of anything.

You may receive your paper and feel that something was not included or something wrong was done, although this rarely happens. In case of such a case, do not panic and think that you are conned. The reason is that we have a professional team. Thus, they are present in case of any revisions, and the advantageous bit of this part is that revisions are normally treated with the urgency they deserve. You can also request for a refund. However, there needs to be tangible evidence justifying the need for a refund. Essentially, don’t worry about the flow of the first and the second procedure because after filling the required form, our system will automatically direct you to the next page.