ACU Health & Medical Navigating Telehealth Perspectives Paper


Select three people and interview them about their experiences and perceptions using telehealth services.  One of the interviewees must work in healthcare; however, the other two can be anyone who has either used or would like to use telehealth.  It is recommended that you select people who differ in age and background for more diverse perspectives. 

1. Prepare a list of 5-6 interview questions that you would like to ask. 

a. Questions should explore whether the interviewee has used telehealth and if they would like to use it in the future. Please inquire about any specific types of telehealth care or services that they would like to prioritize. Inquire about any barriers or challenges they anticipate in accessing or paying for telehealth services. 

b. Do not include any specific names or information about your interviewee’s medical care to maintain privacy and confidentiality. 

2. Provide a summary of each interview. 

3. Provide a summary describing any general thoughts or conclusions you gained from your interviews.