Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography

1. Search the existing academic literature related to the topic you chose last week (following guidelines described in Module 2).

2. Identify 10-15 peer-reviewed academic articles you believe are particularly relevant to your topic. 

3. Skim these articles by looking at the year they were published, reading the abstracts, and looking for the central findings and theoretical contributions of each.

4. Identify 3 of these articles which are the most relevant for you and your topic. All 3 articles must meet the following criteria:

  1. All three must be published in a Sociological academic peer-reviewed journal OR be a Sociological book or book chapter published by an academic press.
  2. Two of the three articles must have been published since the year 2000, and at least one must have been published since 2015.
  3. At least  two of the three must report findings from original empirical research.