Case Study Scenario

Watch the case scenario and write a reflection that addresses the following questions:

1. What does the term “understaffing” or “short-staffing” mean?

2. What is the ICU nurse–patient ratio in the state (Texas) you live in?

3. List three or more issues identified in the case study video.

4. Describe at least two strategies the nurses can implement to address the understaffing on the unit.

5. What is your experience witnessing short-staffing during your clinical or work experience? If you do not have this experience, add what organizations, such as the ANA and the NLN, are doing to address understaffing or short-staffing.

 # Include the following headings:

*Understaffing/ICU Nurse–Patient Ratio

*Issues Related to Understaffing

*Strategies to Address Understaffing

*Student Experience

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