Essential skills for social work

All communities have strengths despite their challenges. Use of the strengths-based perspective helps you to identify the potential strengths of a community and how to advocate for its members to obtain the resources and services they need to be successful.

To prepare: Identify characteristics that represent your community. Then, take a picture that represents these characteristics in your community. Note that your photo does not need to be literal—it can be symbolic.


A picture you took that represents the characteristics you identified in the community.

A description of the community.

Explain the strengths and challenges associated with that community based on its characteristics.

  • Explain how you could utilize community strengths to address their challenges.
  • Describe what group skills you might use and how you would use them when engaged in organizational and community change.
  • Identify at least 3 macro-practice skills and explain how you would use these skills to help the community address their challenges.