Final Project–Annotated Bibliography

Final Project–Annotated Bibliography(100 points):

1. Choose one (1) topic related to sociology. You may choose something that we
have discussed in the class, or you may choose another topic of your interest that we may not address in our short 5-week journey!
2. Find 10-12 articles, books, webpages, or other data related to that topic.
3. Create an annotated bibliography in MLA or APA format with the articles that
you have found.
An annotated bibliography is simply an [always alphabetized] works cited page
with a summary of each source situated just below the citation. Here is an
example of an annotated bibliography that is properly formatted.
This is just a sample! Remember: Strive for 10-12 sources for this assignment.

Sample Annotated Bibliography
“Assessment of the Potential Impact of Regulated Marijuana in New York State” PDF. July. 2018. Mar 12. 2019.
In the Criminal Justice and Public Safety section, the authors bring statistics from recent years to bring into
light how people of colour are disproportionally targeted for cannabis possession more than people who are not of colour. African
Americans in New York are four times more likely to go to jail than anyone else (Assessment). During a report in 2014 when
stop and frisk laws were still in effect, white people were 50 Percent more likely to have an arrest made in adjournment in
contemplation of Dismissal meaning there was no conviction (Assessment). In 2017, African Americans made up 48 percent
of marijuana arrests, 38 percent were Hispanic, and 9 percent were white (Assessment). It is also important to note that the
arrests made in marijuana possession were nonviolent and did not lead to any guns or violent crimes.
Blaszczak-Boxe, Agata. “Marijuana’s History: How One Plant Spread Through the World.” LiveScience. Perch. Oct 17,
2014. March 10. 2019.