generation genogram

Draw a three-generation genogram of your family. How do you think your family has contributed to your development and self-definition?

The student must answer the graded discussion with a substantive reply to the graded discussion question(s)/topic(s) posted by the course instructor by Thursday, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Two scholarly sources references are required unless stated otherwise by your professor. 

Remember that a new discussion rubric was approved by the professors, committee members, and a majority of the students. Please review the rubric before posting to ensure a maximum of points. 

Here are the categories of the new discussion rubric:

Initial Post relevance to the topic of discussion, applicability, and insight. (20%)

Quality of Written Communication Appropriateness of audience and words choice is specific, purposeful, dynamic, and varied. Grammar, spelling, punctuation. (20%) Inclusion of APNA standards essentials explored in the discussion as well as the role-specific competencies as applicable.(10%) Rigor, currency,  and relevance of the scholarly references. (Use articles that are below 5 years). (20%)