NRNP 6541 Primary Care of Adolescents and Children

Ihuman case:  History Of Present Illness (PUT IN IHUMAN!!!!)

 Andrew Chen is a 14-year-old male patient who presents to the clinic with his father with  complaints of pain, bruising, and swelling in his right ankle. He was playing in an intense  basketball game last night when he drove for a layup, in turn, stepping on his opponent’s foot and  falling. When he tried to get up, he had a pile of people on top of him. He had his trainer look at  his ankle and wrap it with an ACE wrap when it happened. He took the ACE wrap off last night  in order to shower and forgot to put it back on. He did ice and elevate his leg when he laid down.  He says the bruising and swelling have both increased since the initial injury. He is unable to  bear weight at this time due to the pain. He states the pain feels like someone is stabbing him at  times and rates it a 10/10 when he tries to move his foot. There are no associated signs as he only  complains of the pain from the ankle injury. He took Ibuprofen last night with some relief and  again this morning about an hour ago.