Nursing trans to bsn assignment

Assignment Directions

Interview your selected potential nurse mentor with the following questions. Use the  Mentor Interview Guide Download Mentor Interview Guide Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader , as a draft document to record your answers:


1. What drew you to nursing?

2. Before you became a nurse, did you work in another field besides healthcare?

3. What is your current practice role title and role responsibilities?

4. What education, specialty certification(s), and/or memberships in professional organizations did you need in order to achieve your current practice role?

5. What are the advantages of your current practice role?

6. What are the challenges to your current practice role?

7. Did you (or do you) have a mentor?

8. How do you feel having or not having a mentor has impacted your professional development?

9. How do you view mentorship?

10. As my mentor, how could you guide me in my professional development?

11. What advice can you give me on setting a professional path towards developing into a practice role like yours?

Have the potential mentor complete the  Mentor Interview Explanation and Contact Information form Download Mentor Interview Explanation and Contact Information form Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader . This will need to be uploaded as an additional attachment to your Slide Presentation submission.

Create a slide presentation using Office 365 PowerPoint. Use the Slide Presentation Outline (see below) as a guide.

· The slide design theme should be professional.

· Each slide should present one main idea.

· Slide content should be organized into bullet points (no paragraphs or long sentences).

· The use of graphics or pictures on a slide should enhance the slide’s main idea.

· Slide content should be organized and flow in a logical format.

· A reference slide, in APA style, is only required if you cite sources in your presentation.

Record audio on each slide to expand on the slide content.


· Each slide should contain a recorded audio clip of your voice, including the title slide.

· Audio clips for each slide should be less than 3 minutes.

· Audio clips should enhance the slide content. You should not read the slide bullets or the slide content word-for-word.

· Audio clips should be clear and professionally presented with minimum pause words (uh, um), background noises, or distractions.

· If a reference slide is used, do not record audio on this slide.

· Review your presentation for spelling, grammar and APA style (if applicable).

Slide Presentation Outline


Slide 1: Title Slide  

· First and Last Name, Academic and Professional Credentials  

· Title of assignment  

· Name of institution 

Slide 2: Mentor Introduction 

· Mentor’s initials (i.e. S.T), Academic and Professional Credentials (i.e. RN, MSN, CNE) 

· Current position with role responsibilities   

Slide 3: Professional and Educational Background 

· Did they work in another field?  

· What drew them to nursing? 

· Pathway to current position including education/certifications earned and membership(s) in professional organizations  

Slide 4: Current Role Discussion 

· Description of current practice role. 

· Advantages to your practice role 

· Challenges to your current role  

Slide 5:  Mentor Selection Rationale

· Why did you choose this nurse as a potential mentor?

· What mentorship qualities/skills/attributes do they meet?

Slide 6: Mentoring and Professional Development 

· Did your mentor have a mentor(s)?  


· How has having or not having a mentor impacted your mentor’s professional development? 

· How does your mentor view mentorship?  

· How does your mentor feel they can guide you in your professional development? 

Slide 7: Mentor Advice 

· What advice did your mentor give you on setting a professional path towards developing into a practice role like theirs?  

Slide 8: Reflection 

· Do you feel this can be your mentor?  

· Personal chemistry and conducive schedules/feasibility/suitability/agrees to be your mentor  

· Fit of goals 

· Skills and attributes (mentor is experienced) 

Slide 9 : Conclusion  

· Summary of the interview process 

· An impression of the role after the interview 

· Final thoughts 

Slide 10: References

· Use only if you cite sources in your presentation requiring APA in-text citations and references.