Psychology Final assignment

Feedback from instructor

Please add that this is a review study somewhere in your title. I like your research questions but am not 100% sure what you mean by connotations – why is this important? Include in the question what it might tell us. Be sure to spell this out in your paper

I recommend organizing your box score in excel and using standardized outcome language like you have use (positive perspectives, positive affects, etc.. so you can sort by those and present all the positive ones together and all the negative eons together. If there are no negative ones, then you can alter the focus of the language to be experiences, perceptions, and effects – then you’d sort by those and count how many were positive or negative.

Your methodology info should go in search, under methodology. All of the methods are actually included (or excluded) from your search. Most of the method (all of it??) is the search strategy.

I am hoping you will find articles that test the effectiveness of online versus tradition al in-person among different populations, or at least be able to examine results across populations across studies. Would younger people prefer online? Would people with mobility or other issues prefer online? Is there any group for whom online therapy is better???

I think you need to widen your search. Go to other search engines like google scholar – it will widen your search. You cannot really know if you conclusions are accurate if you are missing articles because you didn’t look for them.

Awesome start!1 Can’t wait to get moving next term, I mean, keep moving! You’ll just keep adding studies. Be sure to keep them organized by theme/variable/method if you do not sort them in excel. You’ll write a brief review narratively based on the box score and you do not want 30 mini-paragraphs that are disjointed descriptions of studies and their findings that are not related to each other.