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Nancy Pierre

                                                         Qualitative or mixed methods scholarly nursing article

· Description of the purpose

This paper is a qualitative study that aims to help researchers understand how a family’s socioeconomic status affects children’s views on food and their desire to participate in physical activity (Neuman et al., 2021). 

· Explanation of research design

To gather enough subjects, an internet search was conducted using Craigslist and other internet sources. The researchers used semi-structured interviews via phone and gave out questionnaires to gather enough data for the study (Neuman et al., 2021). 

· Discussion of sample

In 2011, 16 families, consisting of 49 adults, participated in this study in Eugene, Oregon, United States. The parents and grandparents of the children were interviewed. The people chosen for this research grew up in struggling households. The researchers wanted to know what they remembered about how food was prepared, how their parents did grocery shopping, and the dynamic surrounding how they ate food at home (Neuman et al., 2021). 

· Description of data collection methods

Craigslist and newspaper advertisements were used to help the researchers get people to participate. The participants were given a questionnaire and were also interviewed about what classes they completed, what kind of jobs they have, and how they manage their everyday life. The interviews were 1.5-2.5 hours long, and they ensured the candidates were only interviewed once during the research period (Neuman et al., 2021). 

· Summary of findings

After the study, the researchers realized that people viewed food differently depending on their upbringing. Some think that unhealthy eating habits are carelessness by their parents, whereas others view it as a way for their parents to show them love. When other resources are lacking, most families without money will use junk food to substitute for what is lacking in the household (Neuman et al., 2021).

· Strengths of the study (minimum of 1)

One strength of the study is that the researchers took information from different household members. This tactic allows the researchers to get plenty of more accurate information (Neuman et al., 2021). 

· Limitations of the study (minimum of 1)

One study limitation is that most of the information obtained is hearsay. The researchers’ interpretation of the findings might differ from what was initially said, which can create issues (Neuman et al., 2021).  

· Recommendations regarding potential applications for future practice that are insightful and appropriate.

Public health needs to be involved and educate low-income families that unhealthy eating can negatively affect children perception of food (Neuman et al., 2021). 


Neuman, N., Eli, K., & Nowicka, P. (2021). Childhood memories of food and eating in lower-income families in the United States: a qualitative study.  BMC Public Health21(1), 586–586.

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